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Maybe you already read the about me section in my blog. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, I want to introduce myself and share 3 fun facts about me that you won’t find there. I am a k-5 Math Staff Developer who truly loves math and wants every teacher to feel confident teaching math and have fun doing it. Here are some fun facts to give you an idea of who I am outside of the classroom.

# 1 My family was featured on Season 2 of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight!!!


Filming with Sabrina Soto on the night of the reveal
Filming with Sabrina Soto on the night of the reveal

My husband created an incredible Dubstep Light Show that went viral on YouTube, racking up over 3.2 million views. Even before going viral, our light show caught the attention of a casting director who found it on-line and contacted us about being on the show. We had the best time filming the show with the talented producers and crew. The memories from filming will last a lifetime. The opportunity really brought us together as a team and motivated each of us to dream bigger in other areas of our lives.

Our kids during one of the video interviews
Above: our kids during one of the video interviews

The reveal night was so much fun! Our family, friends and neighbors came out to be a part of filming the reveal and they all were able to experience the fun and the hard work behind creating a reality show. I also met one of my favorite HGTV stars, Sabrina Soto, who was our celebrity judge. She hung out at my house!!! She spent her down time on our patio and even said she could live out there! I am definitely hanging onto that compliment for a long time. 🙂

Matt & I with our celebrity judge, Sabrina Soto
Matt & I with our celebrity judge, Sabrina Soto

Here is the promo ABC made for our family’s episode:

That brings me to #2: I absolutely LOVE interior and outdoor design. I can’t get enough HGTV. When I am done decorating our house, I usually start over again, which doesn’t make my husband very happy. One of my projects I am the most proud of is our outdoor living area and pool, which I completely designed from the ground up. After I created all of my sketches and a blueprint, we worked our tails off building it. It was incredible seeing something I created come to life.

Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Living Space

We will end on a warm & fuzzy note.

#3: I have a huge heart for orphans. I am so thankful that we made one less orphan when we adopted our daughter, Grace, from South Korea.

Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson

These photos are from the first time we met her in South Korea. Every time I look at them, I remember the surreal emotions of getting to hold our daughter for the first time. We waited so long for that precious moment. She is a treasure and we are beyond blessed to have her as our daughter. I am an adoption advocate and am tuned in to the special needs of adoptive kids & adoptive families.

Now you know a little more about me and my sweet family. I am excited to begin this blog and to share my creativity and passion for mathematics with you. Subscribe to be the first to know about new posts.

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