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While others see a list of math standards,

I see a springboard for fun and meaningful math lessons.

Hi, I’m Melissa and I am on a mission to provide engaging and interactive resources that are easy for teachers to use and help students understand math concepts the first time they are taught.

My resources are packed with activities that students love doing, with just the right level of difficulty and a clear focus on the standards. At Marvel Math you will find resources created with insights I’ve gained during 16 years of teaching and from the extensive knowledge of mathematics I learned while earning my Masters in Mathematics Education.

Years of experience provide a foundation for well-designed lessons and resources that will transform your classroom. I previously worked as a Math Staff Developer for the 4th largest school district in Texas and had the opportunity to write problem solving and guided math curriculum used by k-5 teachers in that district. I have also traveled through California and Texas presenting workshops and series to teachers on 

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a range of math topics. I even had the opportunity to write a professional development curriculum for the state of California.

you can trust that marvel math resources

will not only help your students learn your grade level content, but will also propel them forward to success in the future. I’ve taken students through the entire spectrum of mathematics from kindergarten through Algebra and I have a deep understanding of how layers of content are built year-by-year. Every resource is created to be vertically aligned, ensuring student success in your classroom and in future grade levels.

You are in the right place if you need TEKS focused content.

The thing about the Texas math standards is that it isn’t just about teaching the TEKS. Teaching only the TEKS doesn’t ensure students are well prepared for the next grade level and the STAAR test. The key to success is in building your instruction around the Readiness Standards. I’ve done the work for you and created done-for-you math units Texas teachers are loving.

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