• Promoting Growth Mindset During Test Prep

    Growth Mindset During Test Prep

    We all need a reminder sometimes that learning comes from the struggle. When we teach students to push through, we teach them how to succeed. I whole-heartedly believe that test prep should focus on learning content with a growth mindset, and not on achieving a certain score. Students will have less anxiety, learn more, and […]

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  • How to Teach Geometry Vocabulary: My Best Tips for Mastery

    Geometry Vocabulary My Best Tips for Mastery

    One of the most important parts of your Geometry Unit is teaching Geometry Vocabulary. A strong geometry vocabulary can be fun and easy for students to build and develop. I’ve put together some of my best tips for introducing and developing geometry vocabulary in your classroom. These exciting and simple methods to teach geometry vocabulary […]

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  • How to Teach Unit Fractions

    How to Teach Unit Fractions Lesson

    I absolutely LOVE teaching fractions!!! Here is one of my favorite lessons ever to help introduce fractions to your students. The focus is on building meaning of the unit fraction. Students will truly internalize the meaning of the denominator in this lesson.   Get All the Activities Shown in this Post for FREE!!! What is […]

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  • The Place Value Manipulatives You Should Be Using

    Which place value manipulatives are the best? There are so many types of place value manipulatives and tools.  Which place value manipulatives are the best?  The answer to that question depends on the size of numbers you are teaching and the level of conceptual understanding of the students you are using them with. Selecting the […]

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  • Readiness vs. Supporting Standards: Are you spending the right amount of time on the most important (and most tested) TEKS?

    Readiness TEKS and Supporting TEKS

    I absolutely love that Texas has created standards to help us teach deeper, rather than teaching a mile wide and an inch deep.  Thank you TEA (the list of things to thank you for may be a little short) for the differentiation between the Readiness vs. the Supporting Math TEKS. It gives us clear priorities […]

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