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This is where you will find great instructional ideas for your classroom to teach high quality mathematics in a fun, engaging and conceptually driven way.

The Place Value Manipulatives you NEED to Use

Place Value Blocks, Ten Frames, Five Frames and Money are all Great Place Value Tools

There are so many types of place value manipulatives and tools.  Which ones are the best?  The answer to that question depends on the size of numbers you are teaching and the level of conceptual understanding of the students you are using them with.   Selecting the right tool and understanding the purpose of each […]

Teaching Unit Fractions

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Best. Weeks. Ever. 3 Tips for the End of the Year

  Sometimes I am tempted to close up shop early and start my mental vacation before the last day of school.  When I have done that, I have sooooo regretted it.  The last weeks of the year should be the icing on your cake, the whipped cream on your cocoa, the cherry on top of […]

Area and the Distributive Property on the Multiplication Chart with a FREEBIE

Use the multiplication chart to deepen your students’ understanding of Area and the Distributive Property, while also revealing some pretty amazing mathematical patterns worth marveling over.

Games Make the Best Small Group Lessons!

A seat at your small group table should be a coveted place in your classroom. My goal is to make learning math with me something to look forward to. The students who are called to small group are usually those who struggle the most in a particular subject, and often they can be reluctant to do even more of that subject.