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Hands-On Word Problems Kit 7: Christmas Problems


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This resource gives your students tools to visualize and solve addition and subtraction word problems. The word problems include unknowns in any position. The kit is perfect to use at your teacher station during Guided Math, or to place at a math workstation. The work mat and picture cards will help students visualize and solve the questions.

This Hands-On Word Problem Kit includes:

• Work Mat

• Picture Cards

• 12 questions: You can choose to use the student worksheet pages or task cards!

• Detailed Key

• Student Instruction Page

• Station Cover

Color and Blackline versions included!

How Can I use this Resource?

• Teacher Lesson during Guided Math

• Student Math Station

• Tutoring/Intervention

• Problem of the Day during Calendar Time

What Types of Problems are in this Kit?

• Join (Add to)

• Separate (Take from)

• Part-Part-Whole (Put together, Take apart)

• Compare

The problems include all possible unknown types:

Join & Separate Problems:

• Start Unknown

• Change Unknown

• Result Unknown

Part-Part-Whole Problems:

• Part Unknown

• Whole Unknown

Compare Problems:

• Difference Unknown

• Larger Amount Unknown

• Smaller Amount Unknown

Additional information

Resource Type

Hands On Activities, Task Cards

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1.5D, 1.5F