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Multiplication Fact Fluency & Division Fact Fluency Bundle – Worksheets, Games +


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Your students will love learning their multiplication and division facts with these fun and engaging resources! After learning multiplication fact strategies, they will have lots of fun worksheets, games, and activities to build multiplication fact fluency. Once they’ve mastered their multiplication facts, use the included resources to move on to division facts practice.

The included teaching guide gives insight on the most missed math facts, and ideas to help students remember them. The activities and games are designed to progress from easier to more difficult as students build their math fact fluency. Students will develop the ability to use their multiplication and division facts flexibly with the activities in this bundle, mastering true fact fluency.

The multiplication strategy notebook pages give students several ideas on how to learn each set of facts, so they can pick the strategy that works best for them. The last stage of learning multiplication facts is mastering missing factor multiplication with included games and worksheets on this skill. This helps students transition to division.

An emphasis on using triangle flashcards deepens the connection between multiplication and division facts and launches students into building division fact fluency.

What’s Included?

  • Teachers Guide to Teaching Multiplication and Division Math Facts
  • Multiplication Strategies Notebook Pages (2x to 10x)
  • Patterns in Multiplication Notebook Pages (2’s to 10’s)
  • 60 Multiplication Worksheets (2x to 10x)
  • 55 Division Worksheets (÷ 2 to ÷ 10)
  • 50 Multiplication No Prep Games (1x to 10x)
  • 50 Division No Prep Games (÷ 1 to ÷ 10)
  • Triangle Flashcards (1’s to 10’s)
  • Activity pages to use with Triangle Flashcards
  • Skip Counting Posters (1’s to 10’s)

How can I use these resources?

  • Whole Class Mini-lessons
  • Small Group Work
  • Math Stations
  • Independent Seatwork
  • Tutoring
  • Summer School
  • Practice at Home

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