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3rd Grade Addition & Subtraction Word Wall Vocabulary Bunting


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This Addition & Subtraction Vocabulary Bunting is perfect for your math word wall and will visually motivate you and your students to use mathematical language in your classroom! This bunting defines and illustrates the vocabulary terms students should be using as they talk about the mathematics they are working on.

Your students will refer to this bunting over and over again while working independently, at math stations or during whole class lessons. The visuals help reinforce the meaning of each word to help students truly learn important vocabulary terms.

What’s Included?
  • 9 Printable Pages of Bunting to Hang on your Classroom Wall
  • Google Slides Version that can be shared with Students
  • Color Version of the Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary Bunting
  • Blackline Version of the Addition and Subtraction Vocabulary Bunting – so you can print on any color cardstock to match your classroom decor!

I have also included a digital version of the bunting with a cute classroom background. You can share the Digital Google Slides Vocabulary Set with your students to use as a reference.

I love bunting…who doesn’t? It makes my classroom so cute and saves me tons of time. I was one of those teachers who spent waaaay to long trying to get all of my vocabulary cards perfectly straight for my word wall. I punch holes on the top corners of each pennant and run a thin ribbon through them. This bunting is easy to take down during state testing and at the end of the year, too! I store mine in a plastic bag with the other resources for my addition and subtraction unit.

There are 12 pages in this bunting that include definitions and representations for these vocabulary words:

  • Addend
  • Sum
  • Minuend
  • Subtrahend
  • Difference
  • Inverse Operations
  • Regroup
  • Compose
  • Decompose
  • Equation
  • Variable
  • Estimate
  • Round
  • Compatible Numbers
  • Order Property of Addition also called the Commutative Property of Addition
  • Grouping Property of Addition also called the Associative Property of Addition
  • Identify Property of Addition

I prefer to use the terms “Order Property of Addition” and “Grouping Property of Addition” with 3rd graders, since those terms reveal the meaning of those properties. There are bunting pennants that use these terms. I have also created another version of those pennants in this resource that use the terms “Commutative Property of Addition” and “Associative Property of Addition” for teachers who prefer to use the more formal names of those properties.

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