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4th Grade Addition & Subtraction Worksheets


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These Fun No Prep Printables cover the Addition & Subtraction TEKS: 4.4A and 4.4G, as well as Rounding, 4.2D. Topics include Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers and Decimals, and Estimation using Rounding and Compatible Numbers.

There are 12 pages of printables plus detailed keys included.

p. 1: Compatible Numbers

p. 2-3: Reasonable Estimates (2 versions to differentiate)

p. 4-5: Making Matches: Estimating Addition & Subtraction Problems

p. 6: Addition & Subtraction Probllamas

p. 7: Subtraction Mazes: Subtracting Across Zeros

p. 8: Addition & Subtraction Party: Don’t Forget the Decimal Point

p. 9-10: Let’s Go Shopping: Adding & Subtracting with Decimals

p. 11-12: Let’s Do Lunch: Adding & Subtracting with Decimals

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?4th Grade Addition & Subtraction Unit and Bundle?

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4.4A, 4.4G4.2D