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5th Grade Graphs & Data Book: Scatterplots, Stem and Leaf Plots, and Dot Plots


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This SUPER FUN graph and data book will give your students meaningful, hands-on experience collecting, reporting, graphing and analyzing data!!! This graphing activities include scatterplots, dot plots, stem and leaf plots and frequency tables and covers these TEKS: 5.9A, 5.9B, & 5.9C.

This is a No-Prep resource. All you need to do is print!


This resource is part of my 5th Grade TEKS aligned Data & Graphs Bundle:

5th Grade TEKS Grpahs & Data Bundle

This resource is designed to work seamlessly with these other resources included in the bundle:

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TEKS Aligned Exit Slips: Data & Graphs 5.9A, 5.9B, 5.9C

TEKS Aligned Notebook Pages: Data & Graphs 5.9A, 5.9B, 5.9C

Stem-and-Leaf Plot: Hands on Cut & Paste Activity


Students will participate in a series of challenges, such as snapping for 10 seconds, or use survey questions to collect data and then use their peers’ data to create graphs. Students will also answer one and multi-step questions about their dot plots, scatterplots, and stem-and-leaf plots. This is a perfect activity to use for introducing or reviewing 5th grade graphs.

I have included a page of questions that go with each graph. There is no key, because the answers depend upon your class data. There are at least two graphing activities for each type of graph. You may choose to do the first activity and question set as a guided lesson and then collect data for the second activity as a class and allow students to complete the second activity with a partner or independently.

Have fun collecting, organizing and displaying data about your class!


Pg. 1: Cover

Pg. 2: Teaching Notes

Pgs. 3-5: Dot Plots with whole numbers and fractions (Thumbs Up, We Love our Pets, Pick a Number)

Pgs. 6-7: Stem & Leaf Plots (Snap in 10 & Raise an Eyebrow)

Pgs. 8-9: Scatterplots (Work It: Jumping Jacks & My Hand Hurts)


Copyright Melissa Johnson, 2017

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Worksheets, Hands On Activities

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5, 6

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5.9A, 5.9B, 5.9C