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Bar Graph Task Cards


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These Bar Graph task cards are TEKS aligned: 5.9C

Included: 48 task cards + 2 game boards

I created these task cards to help my students who were really struggling with word problems about graphs. One of the most challenging skills is finding the interval of the graph. Even more difficult than that is finding the interval and then finding the value of a bar between two intervals. I used the first set of 24 task cards to work on these two skills in isolation. The second set of 24 task cards has graphs with word problems, including many that are multi-step. This resource really helped my 5th graders and the game boards and game instructions that I paired with the cards kept my students engaged.

I included mini-covers for the task cards and a card with reference notes on finding intervals for students.

I also made an “Easy-Key.” Students record their answers on the right hand side of their work page and your easy-key lines up to their responses to make your job easier!


This resource is part of my 5th Grade TEKS aligned Data & Graphs Bundle:

5th Grade TEKS Grpahs & Data Bundle

This resource is designed to work seamlessly with these other resources included in the bundle:

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