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Multiplication & Division Problem of the Day


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Do your students struggle with problem solving? If so, problems of the day are the answer!!!! Students learn problem solving by routinely solving problems. This set builds the foundation students need for multi-step problem solving.

Students will learn to dissect problems into groups, number in each group and total to identify the unknown. If the total is the unknown, multiply. If you know the total, divide.

Students will practice drawing pictures which transfers easily to modeling through strip diagrams/bar models.

This set will give your students 30 problems of the day to build successful problem solvers. The problems progress in difficulty and each week is the same type of problem, making these the perfect source for RTI small group lessons and assessments. Teach a problem type for 4 days and use the 5th day to asses your students’ work.

I have included Journal Pages and a VERY detailed Key for each problem of the day.

Problems 1-5: Multiplication
Problems 6-10: Multiplication with extra information
Problems 11-15: Division
Problems 16-20: Multiplication or Division, students begin to draw their own strip diagrams
Problems 21-25: Multiplication or Division with extra information

This set of problems of the day is designed to work with:
Equal Groups Multiplication and Division Task Cards & Small Group Lesson
Comparison Multiplication and Division Task Cards and Small Group Lesson
Multiplication and Division Vocabulary Cards
No Prep Multiplication and Division Games to Build Conceptual Understanding

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