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2 x 2 Multiplication – Partial Products, Area Model & Traditional Algorithm – Power Point Lessons


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This resource includes 4 super engaging PowerPoint slide shows to teach 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Partial Products, the Area Model, the Distributive Property and Traditional 2 by 2 Multiplication come alive visually in the included PowerPoints. Student recording sheets are also included! The Distributive Property is modeled with Arrays to build a strong understanding of this property of multiplication.

The repetition of the mathematics in motion in the PowerPoint slides will be etched in your students’ brains and help them visualize what is happening when they solve problems on a flat sheet of paper. These PowerPoint slide shows will also be perfect to use again during end-of-the-year review or test prep.

Standards Alignment:


TEKS: 4.4C

What is included?

  • 2×2 Partial Products PowerPoint: 20 slides that take your students through 6 problems + student recording sheet
  • 2×2 Area Model PowerPoint: 14 slides that take your students through 6 problems + student recording sheet
  • 2x2 Distributive Property PowerPoint: 21 slides that take your students through 3 ways to use the distributive property on each of 4 problems + 2 student recording sheets
  • 2×2 Traditional Multiplication PowerPoint: 16 slides that take your students through 6 problems + student recording sheet
  • Keys for all 5 student recording sheets

Here are some great ways to use this resource:

  • Whole Class Teach: Use each of the 4 PowerPoints as whole-class lessons.
  • Small Group/Guided Math Lesson: Use the PowerPoints on your laptop to teach in a small group setting.
  • Math Station: Bring the PowerPoints up on computers at your technology station. Students can click through the PowerPoint on their own to review these concepts and record their work on the student pages. This is a great way to review after using the PowerPoints in a small group or whole class lesson.

I created this resource to work alongside the 4th Grade Multiplication and Division Notebook. Please note that the 4 student recording sheets included with this PowerPoint are also included in that notebook. These PowerPoints bring those pages to life!

Technology Considerations:

These are PowerPoint files, so PowerPoint must be installed on the computer they will be used on. Most slides have many layers with 20+ transitions/animations, so they will not convert in a usable form to Google Slides. This resource is only created to be used in PowerPoint.

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