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3rd Grade Area, Perimeter, Elapsed Time & Measurement STAAR Review – Print


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This resource includes 24 TEKS-aligned Task Cards for Area, Perimeter, Elapsed Time and Measurement. Questions cover finding the perimeter of 2D shapes, finding the missing side length, area of rectangles and complex figures, elapsed time, weight and capactiy.

Find the digital Google Form version HERE. Both versions have the same questions.

The questions are rigorous and have bright graphics to keep students engaged. All questions are multiple choice and are STAAR formatted. I have designed these task cards to give more weight to the Readiness Standards which comprise nearly 2/3 of the STAAR test. The questions are rigorous and have bright graphics to keep students engaged. All questions are multiple choice.

You will love the diagnostic key that helps you easily identify student needs and form reteach groups quickly while you grade student work. The questions are rigorous and include convincing distractors (wrong answer choices), making these task cards a great tool in not only reviewing content but also giving you the opportunity to teach test-taking strategies.

What’s Included:

  • 24 Task Cards
  • Color and Blackline versions
  • Color-coded diagnostic key to help you make re-teach groups based on the TEKS your students haven’t mastered.
  • Task card sized mini-cover and a mini-key to help with organization
  • Student Recording Sheets

Great ways to use these Task Cards:

  • Math Station
  • Guide a Small Group Lesson
  • Whole Class Scoot – Students take their recording sheet to task cards posted around the room to solve each problem
  • Tutoring Sessions
  • End of Unit Review
  • Collect Quantitative Data for Parent-Teacher Conferences or PLC and RTI Meetings
  • STAAR Review

Topics include:

  • Area of Rectangles
  • Area of Complex (Rectilinear) Figures
  • Perimeter of Polygons
  • Finding the Missing Side Length in Perimeter problems
  • Elapsed Time
  • Selecting Units of Measure for Weight and Capacity
  • Measuring Weight and Capacity

TEKS Alignment:

Readiness Standards

3.6C: (8 questions) Determine the area of rectangles with whole number side lengths in problems using multiplication related to the number of rows times the number of unit squares in each row.

3.7B: (8 questions) Determine the perimeter of a polygon or a missing length when given perimeter and remaining side lengths in problems.

Supporting Standards

3.6D: (2 questions) Decompose composite figures formed by rectangles into non-overlapping rectangles to determine the area of the original figure using the additive property of area.

3.7C: (2 questions) Determine the solutions to problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes using pictorial models or tools such as a 15-minute event plus a 30-minute event equals 45 minutes.

3.7D: (2 questions) Determine when it is appropriate to use measurements of liquid volume (capacity) or weight.

3.7E: (2 questions) Determine liquid volume (capacity) or weight using appropriate units and tools.

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3.6C, 3.6D, 3.7B, 3.7C, 3.7D, 3.7E