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3rd Grade Geometry Tests – Digital and Print


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This resource includes 2 ten question assessments that cover the Geometry TEKS. The questions are STAAR formatted. Questions cover classifying 2-D figures and 3-D Shapes, identifying types of quadrilaterals and decomposing figures into parts with equal are.

The assessments are created to give you meaningful feedback on student progress with Geometry Content. There are more questions covering the Readiness Standards than the Supporting Standards, as the Readiness Standards are identified as the most critical content for success in subsequent grade levels. Readiness Standards also comprise 2/3 of the STAAR test.

These tests were created with the new STAAR test questions guidelines in mind, and include drop down, multi-select, free response and multiple choice questions.

What’s Included?

  • 2 Assessments (Each Test is 10 questions)
  • Printable versions of both Assessments
  • Digital, Self-Grading Google Form versions of both Assessments
  • Color Coded Teacher Key with TEKS identified for each Question

Topics include:

  • Classify 2-D Figures
  • Classify 3-D Shapes
  • Identify special types of quadrilaterals
  • Decompose figures into parts with equal areas

These are perfect to use at the end of your Geometry Unit to assess student learning. The key shows the TEKS alignment and topic covered by each question and provides space to record the names of students who missed each question. The key makes targeted reteach easy to plan!

These assessments are formative because they are designed to help you as a teacher collect data on student understanding and use that data to help you make informed instructional decisions.

Great ways to use this resource:

?Use the 1st test after your Geometry Unit. Based on the results, do targeted reteach and review. Use the 2nd test to re-assess students.

?Use the 1st test after your Geometry Unit. Use the 2nd test as part of your STAAR Review.

?Use the 1st test as a pre-test, use the 2nd test as a post-test.

TEKS alignment:

Readiness Standard

3.6A Classify and sort two- and three-dimensional figures, including cones, cylinders, spheres, triangular and rectangular prisms, and cubes based on attributes using formal geometric language.

Supporting Standards

3.6B Use attributes to recognize rhombuses, parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals and draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.

3.6E Decompose two congruent two-dimensional figures into parts with equal areas and express the area of each part as a unit fraction of the whole and recognize that equal shares of identical wholes need not have the same shape.

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3.6A, 3.6B, 3.6E