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3rd Grade Multiplication Division Set 2 STAAR Review Task Cards – Print


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This resource includes 24 TEKS-aligned Task Cards for Multiplication and Division. There are a variety of problems with single and multi-step word problems, strip diagrams, table patterns and 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication.

I have divided the Multiplication and Division Review into 2 sets. This resource is Multiplication and Division Review Set #2. Set 1 covers the basics of multiplication and division and includes all supporting standards. Set 2 covers moved advanced topics such as multi-step word problems, 2×1 multiplication, and tables to represent real-word relationships.

Find the digital Google Form version HERE. Both versions have the same questions.

The questions are rigorous and have bright graphics to keep students engaged. All questions are multiple choice and are STAAR formatted.

You will love the diagnostic key that helps you easily identify student needs and form reteach groups quickly while you grade student work. The questions are rigorous and include convincing distractors (wrong answer choices), making these task cards a great tool in not only reviewing content but also giving you the opportunity to teach test-taking strategies.

What’s Included:

  • 24 Task Cards
  • Color and Blackline versions
  • Color-coded diagnostic key to help you make re-teach groups based on the TEKS your students haven’t mastered.
  • Task card sized mini-cover and a mini-key to help with organization
  • Student Recording Sheets

Great ways to use these Task Cards:

  • Math Station
  • Guide a Small Group Lesson
  • Whole Class Scoot – Students take their recording sheet to task cards posted around the room to solve each problem
  • Tutoring Sessions
  • End of Unit Review
  • Collect Quantitative Data for Parent-Teacher Conferences or PLC and RTI Meetings
  • STAAR Review

Topics include:

  • One-step and Two-step Word Problems
  • Representing Solutions with Arrays
  • Strip Diagrams
  • Representing Solutions with Equations
  • 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication

TEKS Alignment:

Readiness Standards
3.4K: (8 questions) Solve one-step and two-step problems involving multiplication and division within 100 using strategies based on objects; pictorial models, including arrays, area models, and equal groups; properties of operations; or recall of facts.
3.5B: (8 questions) Represent and solve one- and two-step multiplication and division problems within 100 using arrays, strip diagrams, and equations.
3.5E: (5 questions) Represent real-world relationships using number pairs in a table and verbal descriptions.

Supporting Standard

3.4G: (3 questions) Use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number. Strategies may include mental math, partial products, and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.

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Task Cards

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24 Problems


3.4G, 3.4K, 3.5B, 3.5E