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4th Grade Financial Literacy Worksheets


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These No Prep Printables cover the Personal Financial Literacy TEKS: 4.10A, 4.10B, 4.10C, 4.10D and 4.10E. Topics include Fixed and Variable Expenses, Calculating Profit, Basic Purpose of Banks and Financial Institutions, allocating allowance between Spending, Sharing & Saving, and the advantages and disadvantages of different Savings Options.

There are 10 pages of printables plus detailed keys included. There are 2 pages for each of the TEKS.

Included TEKS:

  • 4.10A Distinguish between fixed and variable expenses
  • 4.10B Calculate profit in a given situation
  • 4.10C Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various savings options
  • 4.10D Describe how to allocate weekly allowance among spending, saving, including for college; and sharing
  • 4.10E Describe the basic purpose of financial institutions, including keeping money safe, borrowing money, and lending

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4.10A, 4.10B, 4.10C, 4.10D, 4.10E