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4th Grade Fractions Exit Tickets


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This set of 50 Exit Tickets covers all of the 4th grade Fraction TEKS: 4.3A, 4.3B, 4.3C, 4.3D, 4.3E, 4.3F, 4.2G, 4.3G,& 4.2H. Topics include comparing fractions, proving fractions are equivalent, fraction and decimal relationships, fractions on a number line, decomposing fractions, representing fractions as the sum of unit fractions, using benchmark fractions to estimate sums and differences, and adding and subtracting fractions.

This resource also includes a DATA TRACKING SYSTEM that helps you track student mastery of the TEKS and the small group intervention you do with students who are struggling. It is a useful tool to help make RTI decisions and to show your administrators how you are masterfully responding to student needs.

There are at least 4 exit slips for each of the Supporting TEKS and at least 6 exit slips for each of the Readiness TEKS. Some TEKS have even more exit slips. I broke down the TEKS into subskills in many cases to help you pinpoint exact student needs.

4.3A Represent fractions as the sum of unit fractions (4 exit slips)

4.3B Decompose a fraction in more than one way (4 exit slips)

4.3C Determine if fractions are equivalent using a variety of methods (8 exit slips)

4.3D Compare 2 fractions (12 exit slips)

4.3E Represent and solve addition & subtraction of fractions (6 exit slips)

4.3F Use benchmark fractions to estimate sums & differences of fractions (4 exit slips)

4.3G Represent fractions & decimals as distances from zero on a number line (4 exit slips)

4.2G Relate decimals to fractions that name tenths & hundredths (6 exit slips)

+2 bonus review exit slips

This resource works seamlessly with my other 4th grade Fractions resources and is part of the comprehensive 400+page Fractions Unit & Bundle found HERE.

This is a TEKS centered resource. While others may be TEKS-aligned, they often cover Common Core standards as well. My Texas specific resources cover the TEKS and nothing but the TEKS, so that teachers don’t have to spend additional time sorting through what to use and what not to use. I know how precious each and every school day is; there is no time to waste. As with all of my resources, it is designed with STAAR in mind.

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Tests & Exit Tickets

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4.NF.A.2, 4.NF.B.3, 4.NF.B.3a, 4.NF.B.3b, 4.NF.B.3c, 4.NF.B.3d, 4.NF.C.6


4.2G, 4.3A, 4.3B, 4.3C, 4.3D, 4.3E, 4.3F, 4.3G