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4th Grade Multiplication & Division Interactive Notebook


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This no cutting, no gluing Multiplication & Division notebook thoroughly covers all of the 4th grade multiplication and division TEKS: 4.4B, 4.4C, 4.4D, 4.4E, 4.4F, 4.4G, and 4.4H. Simply print and hole punch and this notebook is ready for your students to use. I broke the TEKS down and created a notebook that would fully cover each part of these standards. This notebook is an excellent way to introduce new concepts and is the perfect resource for students to have as a reference tool.

This is a TEKS centered resource. While others may be “TEKS-aligned,” they often cover Common Core standards as well. My Texas specific resources cover the TEKS and nothing but the TEKS, so that teachers don’t have to spend additional time sorting through what to use and what not to use. I know how precious each and every school day is; there is no time to waste. As with all of my resources, it is also designed with STAAR in mind.

This notebook has 38 pages plus a detailed key that cover the following topics:

  • Multiplying &Dividing by 10 and 100
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Partial Products
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Area Model of Multiplication
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Distributive Property
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Traditional Multiplication
  • Representing Multiplication
  • Estimating Products
  • 2×2 Partial Products
  • Perfect Squares
  • Concept of Division
  • Word Problems: When to Multiply, When to Divide
  • Compatible Numbers
  • Understanding Remainders
  • Division with Arrays
  • Division with the Area Model
  • Long Division
  • Checking Division
  • Special Cases in Long Division

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4.4B, 4.4C, 4.4D, 4.4E, 4.4F, 4.4G, 4.4H