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4th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle


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This 4th grade math interactive notebook, is a no prep student notebook that thoroughly covers ALL of the 4th grade TEKS!  These math notes are easy and simple to follow. Just print and this notebook is ready for your students to use. NO cutting, or gluing! This notebook is an excellent way to introduce new concepts in whole class or small group guided math lessons and is the perfect resource for students to have as a reference tool when reviewing for STAAR.

⭐️ This Bundle includes all of my 4th Grade Notebooks. There are over 160 student pages (plus matching keys). Save over 25% over each individual set! 

This product was designed with the busy teacher in mind, I know you don’t have time to spend HOURS with cutting and pasting. These purposeful notebook pages have all of the engaging benefits, without all of the mess and wasted time.

⭐️ When You Purchase This Interactive Notebook Bundle You Get: 

  • 160 Student Pages
  • TEKS Aligned Content
  • Easy Follow Design
  • No Prep Notes
  • Answer Keys

These math notebooks are perfect for using to reference back for STAAR testing, and all year long. Your students will enjoy taking notes, and they are perfect to incorporate into your math stations, guided math, or tutoring and reteaching.

⭐️ The Following Topics Are Included:

  • Place Value Vocabulary
  • Exploring the Base-10 System
  • 10x Greater Place Value Relationships
  • 1/10th the Value Relationships
  • Value of Whole Numbers
  • Value of Decimals
  • Word Form
  • Expanded Form
  • Expanded Notation
  • Comparing Whole Numbers
  • Comparing Decimals
  • Decimal Models
  • Decimals & Money
  • Equivalent Decimals
  • Decimal Representations
  • Decimals to Fractions
  • Fractions to Decimals
  • Decimals on a Number Line
  • Estimating Sums and Differences
  • Compatible Numbers
  • Finding the Closest Estimate
  • Adding Whole Numbers & Decimals
  • Inverse Operations
  • Regrouping
  • Subtracting Whole Numbers & Decimals
  • Multiplying &Dividing by 10 and 100
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Partial Products
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Area Model of Multiplication
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Distributive Property
  • 2×1, 3×1 & 2×2 Traditional Multiplication
  • Representing Multiplication
  • Estimating Products
  • 2×2 Partial Products
  • Perfect Squares
  • Concept of Division
  • Word Problems: When to Multiply, When to Divide
  • Using Compatible Numbers with Division
  • Understanding Remainders
  • Long Division
  • Checking Division
  • Special Cases in Long Division
  • Representing fractions as the sum of unit fractions
  • Decomposing fractions in more than one way
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Comparing fractions
  • Adding & Subtracting fractions with models
  • Adding & Subtracting fractions number lines
  • Reasonableness of sums and differences using benchmark fractions
  • Explanation of degrees as 1/360th of a circle
  • Measuring angles with actual protractors
  • Measuring angles with printed protractors (for test prep)
  • Determining unknown angles
  • Drawing angles
  • Identifying acute, right & obtuse angles
  • Identifying parallel & perpendicular lines
  • Identifying points, lines & line segments
  • Classifying triangles based on angles
  • Classifying 2-D figures based on attributes
  • Identifying attributes of triangles, quadrilaterals & other polygons
  • Identifying lines of symmetry
  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Identifying relative size of measurement units
  • Measurement conversions: customary and metric
  • Elapsed Time
  • Problem Solving with length, liquid volume, mass and money
  • Frequency Tables
  • Dot Plots
  • Stem-and-Leaf Plots
  • Data with Whole Numbers
  • Data with Fractions
  • Data with Decimals
  • Fixed & Variable Expenses
  • Calculating Profit
  • Basic Purposes of Financial Institutions
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Savings Options
  • Allocating Allowance between Spending, Sharing & Saving

These are TEKS centered interactive notebooks. These Texas specific resources cover the TEKS and nothing but the TEKS, so that teachers don’t spend additional time sorting through what to use; there is no time to waste. As with all of my resources, it is designed with STAAR in mind. This resource is designed for everything your 4th graders should know to be prepared for STAAR and to be successful in 5th grade and beyond.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gisela G. said, “My students and I both loved this resource it was easy to use and we continue to use it for our math Teks in the resource classroom. Especially to follow along with the TEKS that are being used in the gen ed classroom it makes it easier for the kids to use. ”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dana S. said, “Great resource for mini lessons/direct teach time that tie directly to the TEKS. I also use a lot of this material for anchor charts in the students stations to use as a reference. ”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lauren B. said, “This has been a great resource to use with my 4th graders this year. I was able to create a detailed journal of class notes with them and it was easy to fill out follow along. ”


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