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4th Grade Place Value Interactive Notebook


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You will love these Easy-to-Use 4th grade Place Value Notebook pages to introduce new concepts. Unlike most interactive notebooks, there is cutting or gluing needed with these guided notes pages! This comprehensive place value notebook teaches expanded notation, expanded form, comparing and ordering numbers, times 10 and one tenth relationships, rounding, decimal models, decimals and whole numbers on the number line, and fraction and decimal relationships.

I broke the TEKS down and created a notebook that would fully cover each part of these standards. This notebook is an excellent way to introduce new concepts and is the perfect resource for students to have as a reference tool.

This notebook has 31 student pages plus a detailed key that can be used for whole class or small group guided math lessons.

This no cutting, no gluing Place Value notebook helps you make the most of class time.

Here are some Organization Ideas for this Notebook:

  • Simply print & hole punch for students to use in their binder.
  • Create stapled packets for your unit
  • Copy the pages at 85% and glue the entire page into a notebook

?? Place Value Topics Covered in this Notebook:

  • Place Value Vocabulary
  • Representing Whole numbers and Decimals with models
  • Place Value Relationships : x10 and one-tenth relationships
  • Expanded Form
  • Expanded Notation
  • Word Form
  • Comparing Whole Numbers
  • Comparing Decimals with models
  • Decimal Number Lines
  • Relating Decimals to Money
  • Decimals to Fractions
  • Fractions to Decimals
  • All Decimal concepts include tenths and hundredths


?????????? Katie K. said, “This was absolutely wonderful for place value work! The students really enjoyed this! Thank you!”

?????????? Lisa W. said, “This has really helped engage the students, especially those who have trouble focusing.”

?????????? Cindy J. said, “I am so excited about this resource. As I am preparing my lessons I was able to go thru the packet and it goes perfectly with my plan. Some of the activities will go in my students’ journals and some will be used during mini lessons.”


This is a TEKS centered resource. While others may be “TEKS-aligned,” they often cover Common Core standards as well. My Texas specific resources cover the TEKS and nothing but the TEKS, so that teachers don’t have to spend additional time sorting through what to use and what not to use. I know how precious each and every school day is; there is no time to waste. As with all of my resources, it is also designed with STAAR in mind.

??Place Value TEKS Alignment:

  • 4.2A Interpret the place value of each position as 10 times the position to the right and as one-tenth of the value of the place to its left.
  • 4.2B Represent the value of the digit in whole numbers through 1,000,000,000 and decimals to the hundredths using expanded notation and numerals
  • 4.2C Compare and order whole numbers to 1,000,000,000 and represent comparisons using the symbols >, <, or =
  • 4.2D Round whole numbers to a given place value through the hundred thousands place
  • 4.2E Represent decimals, including tenths and hundredths, using concrete and visual models and money
  • 4.2F Compare and order decimals using concrete and visual models to the hundredths
  • 4.2G Relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths


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