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Fraction Word Problem Task Cards – All Operations


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Your students will love these Bright and Engaging Fraction Word Problems Task Cards to practice Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions! In these word problems students will practice Adding and Subtracting Fractions with unlike denominators, Multiply Fractions by whole numbers and Divide Fractions by whole numbers.

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What Topics are Covered in the Word Problems?

  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
  • Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers
  • Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions

What’s included?

  • 24 task cards
  • Task Card sized Cover and Key for easy organization
  • Full Page Teacher Key color coded with problem type and space to record names of students for reteach
  • Student Recording Sheets
  • Color and Black and White Versions of Task Cards

How Can I use these?

  • Early Finishers
  • Tutoring
  • Math Stations
  • Fraction Review

Common Core Standards Alignment:

  • 5.NF.A.1
  • 5.NF.A.2
  • 5.NF.B.6
  • 5.NF.B.7C

TEKS Alignment:

  • 5.3I
  • 5.3K
  • 5.3L

One of my favorite resources in this set of task cards is the “Reteach Groups” page. I have color-coded the key on this page to make it easy to see which operations students are struggling with. There are places to write down your students’ names based on the types of problems they are missing to form your small groups for re-teach.

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Additional information

Resource Type

Task Cards

Grade Level

4, 5, 6

Number of Pages


Common Core

5.NF.A.1, 5.NF.A.2, 5.NF.B.6, 5.NF.B.7c


5.3I, 5.3K, 5.3L