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Life Happens: Real World Addition and Subtraction


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In this engaging activity students will start with money in their checking account, receive a paycheck, pay bills, transfer money to savings, and more! All the while they will be practicing adding and subtracting, distinguishing between fixed and variable expenses, and learning the basic functions of banks and credit unions.

This activity is fun, engaging and rigorous! Classroom time will be put to great use tackling addition, subtraction and financial literacy TEKS with one task!

There are 2 scenarios. Each scenario consists of 10-11 task cards that sequentially take students through a series of real-world situations. Students will record each transaction in the printable check register, add or subtract the correct amount and record the new account balance.

Each scenario has 3 possible starting balances, so this resource could potentially be used as 6 different tasks. My suggestion: Use one starting balance to run through each scenario with the entire class, having students perform the calculations and allowing you to talk through the financial literacy content. Then students can complete the scenario again with a different starting balance as independent practice or at a math station. Save the third starting balance to use for review or test prep.

TEKS Alignment:

4.4A Add and subtract whole numbers and decimals to the hundredths place using the standard algorithm

4.10A Distinguish between fixed and variable expenses

4.10E Describe the basic purpose of financial institutions, including keeping money safe, borrowing money and lending

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4.10A, 4.10E, 4.4A