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Long Division and Division with Arrays & Area Model – PowerPoint Lessons


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The perfect engaging resource to bring long division to life! This resource includes 4 engaging and interactive PowerPoint slide shows to teach traditional long division, division with the area model, division with arrays, and equations to represent division. These division concepts come alive visually in the included PowerPoints. A great way to wrap up long division, or review for state testing.

These long division game like lessons will fit perfectly into your 4th grade math curriculum! Use as a whole group lesson, small group or guided math practice, or as math stations around the room! Your students will visually see the different models come to life, and gain a better understanding of the concepts!

??What’ Included: 

  • 2 ÷ 1 Long Division: 23 slides that take your students through 13 problems + 4 student recording sheets
  • Represent 2 ÷ 1 Division PowerPoint: 20 slides that take your students through dot arrays, base-10 block arrays, related fact equations, and how to check division with multiplication (including the area model of multiplication). + 1 student recording sheet
  • 3 ÷ 1 Long Division PowerPoint: 21 slides that take your students through 3 ways to use the distributive property on each of 4 problems + 4 student recording sheets
  • Division with the Area Model PowerPoint: 20 slides that take your students through 13 problems. + 1 student recording sheet
  • Keys for all student recording sheets

The repetition of the mathematics in motion in the PowerPoint slides will be etched in your students’ brains and help them visualize what is happening when they solve problems on a flat sheet of paper.

??TEKS Alignment:

  • CCSS: 4.NBT.B.6
  • TEKS: 4.4E, 4.4F

I created this resource to work alongside the 4th Grade Multiplication and Division Notebook. Please note that the 3 student recording sheets included with this PowerPoint are also included in that notebook. These PowerPoints bring those pages to life!

Technology Considerations:

These are PowerPoint files, so PowerPoint must be installed on the computer they will be used on. Most slides have many layers with 50-100 transitions/animations, so they will not convert in a usable form to Google Slides. This resource is only created to be used in PowerPoint. Make sure to put the PowerPoint in PowerPoint Show Mode to view the slides correctly.


?????????? Teaching Special Ed said, “I really appreciate the different visuals of the different models! This was an excellent tool for my instruction and my students’ learning. ”

?????????? Jacqueline H. said, “Fabulous resource! User friendly and diverse. Highly recommend this to others educators. Very easy to implement and thorough. Can be used in class as well. ”

?????????? Lorna L. said, “I bought this as visual resource for “area model” I am teaching in-person and I was being observed. It was the PERFECT resource!  At first I didn’t realize it was interactive which made it an even better resource. After I figured out how to use the product, (present mode) it worked well when I needed it too and it was very engaging for the kids. Thank you for making me look like a stellar educator!”


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