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Place Value Differentiated Activity for TEKS 3.2A


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This download includes a minion place value chart for students and 2 activities, and both are differentiated!!! The first activity is the determine the true identity of each Menacing Minion using Place Value clues. In the 2nd activity, students will choose a number and create 2 alias’ for their minion by giving place value clues. Both activities could be used at math centers or as part of an interactive math journal..and who can resist some cute Minion fun!!!

page 1: Cover
page 2: Product details & instructions
pages 3: Instructions & Photos: constructing the pockets, using activity 2 as an interactive math journal page
page 4: Instructions & Photo: how to use the place value chart
page 5: How to use the Place Value Chart student reference page
page 6: Student Place Value Chart
page 7: Level 1 Minion Cards (Up to Tens)
pages 8-9: Level 1 Minion Pockets
page 10: Level 2 Minion Cards (Up to Hundreds)
pages 11-12: Level 2 Minion Pockets
page 13: Level 3 Minion Cards (Up to Thousands)
pages 14-15: Level 3 Minion Pockets
page 16: Level 4 Minion Cards (Up to Ten Thousands)
pages 17-18: Level 4 Minion Pockets
pages 19-22: Student Recording Sheets
pages 23-26: Keys
page 27: Level 1 Create a Minion Alias with Place Value Clues
page 28: Level 2 Create a Minion Alias with Place Value Clues
page 29: Level 3 Create a Minion Alias with Place Value Clues
page 30: Level 4 Create a Minion Alias with Place Value Clues

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Hands On Activities

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2, 3, 4, 5

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