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Word Problem Math Readers Set 3: Join Start Unknown


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These math readers are fun to use and help students understand word problems. I created the math readers series to help the 1st graders in my intervention math group see the start, change and result in Join and Separate word problems. What I found was that these readers are great to use with all Kinder and 1st grade students!

I loved using the readers in a small group setting, having students read along with me and then act out the problem using a work mat. More advanced students can use the ten frames and ten frame recording pages as well. Once students understand how to use the readers, they are perfect to use at a guided math station.

This set of math readers is an excellent tool for tutoring as well!

Set 3 includes Join Problems with the Start Unknown

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Here are the components included in each set:

  • Station Cover (perfect to glue onto an 8.5 x 11 white envelope)
  • Teacher Guide on how to use each specific set of math readers to teach the problem types included
  • 6 Math Readers (each is an easy to fold 1 page booklet)
  • Work mat
  • Ten Frame Mats
  • Student Recording Pages (3 formats)
  • Color and Blackline versions of every student page

This set is part of the Problem Solving Math Readers series:

Set 1: Join: Result Unknown

Set 2: Join: Change Unknown

Set 3: Join: Start Unknown

Set 4: Join: Start, Change or Result Unknown

Set 5: Separate: Result Unknown

Set 6: Separate: Change Unknown

Set 7: Separate: Start Unknown

Set 8: Separate: Start, Change or Result Unknown

Set 9: Join & Separate: Start, Change or Result Unknown

Set 10: Join & Separate: Start, Change or Result Unknown

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Hands On Activities

Grade Level

K, 1

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Common Core

1.OA.A.1, 1.OA.D.8, K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2


1.5D, 1.5F, K.3A, K.3B, K.3C