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2nd Grade Step-by-Step Animated Word Problems


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This is an easy-to-use resource to walk students through solving word problems step-by-step.  Each word problem slide has a set of unique questions to walk students through understanding, modeling and solving problems.  The steps are animated and sequential to take the stress off of you as the teacher as you walk students through solving word problems.

This resource is designed to teach your students the questions they need to ask themselves to truly understand word problems.  While learning new word problem thought patterns, students will also learn to create strip diagrams to represent each word problem type.

This resource needs PowerPoint and Windows Media Player to run. Windows Media Player comes installed with all versions of Windows except Windows N. This PowerPoint file can be projected on a projector screen, whiteboard or smart board.  To use the file with small groups or individual students, view the slides on a desktop or laptop computer screen.

What’s Included?

  • Slides to introduce each of the addition and subtraction problem types: Join, Separate, P-P-W, Compare,  (14 slides)
  • Challenging single step problems include all addition and subtraction types with the unknown in various positions (50 problems)
  • Problems 1-25 involve addition and subtraction within 100
  • Problems 26-50 involve addition and subtraction within 1,000
  • 2 Versions of Student recording pages: with and without strip diagrams

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2.4C, 2.7C

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2.NBT.B.7, 2.OA.A.1

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