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4th grade Addition & Subtraction Math Journal Prompts


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This set of 12 Journal Prompts will make an easy no-prep guided math station and can be used as a formative assessment. Included prompts cover 4th grade TEKS: 4.2D, 4.4A, & 4.4G. These journal prompts give students an opportunity to think deeply about concepts covered in the TEKS and to see patterns in our number system.

The content covered includes adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals, rounding whole numbers and estimating.

I absolutely love using math journals in my classroom! They are the perfect way to engage students in deep thinking and assess their understanding.

Great ways to use these journal prompts:

  • No-Prep Math Station
  • Homework (that isn’t busy work)
  • Guide a Small Group Lesson
  • Tutoring Sessions
  • Review

This is a TEKS centered resource. While others may be “TEKS-aligned,” they often cover Common Core standards as well. My Texas specific resources cover the TEKS and nothing but the TEKS, so that teachers don’t have to spend additional time sorting through what to use and what not to use. I know how precious each and every school day is; there is no time to waste. As with all of my resources, it is designed with STAAR in mind.

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4.2D, 4.4A, 4.4G