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4th Grade Financial Literacy Interactive PowerPoint Lessons


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To use for Distance Learning, Pull up the PowerPoint on your computer screen and record your voice as you teach through the slides.

This resource includes 5 PowerPoint Lessons that cover the Financial Literacy TEKS. These no-prep interactive and engaging lessons cover Fixed and Variable Expenses, how to Calculate Profit, advantages and disadvantages of various Savings Options, allocating allowance between Spending, Saving and Sharing, and the Basic Purpose of Banks and financial institutions.

These PowerPoints are Ready-to-Go lessons thoroughly cover these TEKS. There is a Student Recording Sheet for every lesson, as well as teacher keys.

How can I use these lessons?

  • Project for whole class lessons
  • Use with a laptop for small group lessons or tutoring
  • Use at student computers at a math station

There is one PowerPoint for each these TEKS:

  • 4.10A Distinguish between fixed and variable expenses
  • 4.10B Calculate profit in a given situation
  • 4.10C Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various savings options
  • 4.10D Describe how to allocate weekly allowance among spending, saving, including for college; and sharing
  • 4.10E Describe the basic purpose of financial institutions, including keeping money safe, borrowing money, and lending

Technology Considerations:

These are PowerPoint files, so PowerPoint must be installed on the computer they will be used on. Most slides have many layers with transitions/animations, so they will not convert in a usable form to Google Slides. This resource is only created to be used in PowerPoint.

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4.10A, 4.10B, 4.10C, 4.10D, 4.10E