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5th Grade STAAR Math Review: SPANISH Test Prep Games


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This is a fun set of 15 no prep, STAAR test formatted games that cover the 5th grade math readiness TEKS. STAAR prep can be complete drudgery, so I use these games in conjunction with released test items to maximize student engagement in preparation for the STAAR math test. I also know your time is valuable, so these are print-and-go games.

I created at least one game for each readiness TEK, and two games for the TEKS that had too much content for just one game. I studied the released STAAR items from the past 2 years and the TEKS to create games that covered essential content and resembled STAAR test questions. I couldn’t be more excited about our test prep!


I also have the English version of this product available:

5th Grade Math STAAR: 15 no prep Games


Included Games:

Comparing Decimals 5.2B

Simplify Expressions 5.4F

Multiply Decimals 5.3E

Dividing Decimals 5.3C

Subtract Fractions 5.3K

Divide Fractions 5.3L

Divide by Fractions 5.3L

Multi-Step Problems 5.4B

Patterns, Rules &Graphs 5.4C

Roll-a-Quadrilateral 5.5A

Classify Triangles 5.5A

Perimeter, Area & Volume 5.4H

Roll, Spin & Plot (2 versions) 5.9C

Graph Master (Bar Graphs, Dot Plots, Stem-and-Leaf Plots, & Frequency Tables) 5.9C


How I have used this product in my class:

I modeled the games on my document camera in a me vs. the class game, which was a perfect way to review each concept. Then I let my students play in pairs. I included answer keys for games that needed them, so that students could check one another’s work and monitor their learning. Students that were still struggling with each concept played the game at my table in pairs, where I could support them.

I have found that games make for a perfect small group lesson. “Come to my table to play a math game with me,” is so much better than, “Come to my table to work on subtracting fractions.” Games are enticing and engaging for our students, especially those who struggle in math. I also have the opportunity to model my thinking and math strategies out loud for my group when it is “my turn” in the game. I can adjust my strategies depending on the level of my math group and add on strategies as we play the game, since I get to use my turns as mini-lessons. The best part is….my students don’t even realize this!!! During my group’s turn, they work out the problem individually on a whiteboard, so I can monitor their individual progress.

I am also planning to use these games after the math STAAR test to keep the content fresh for my students. They will definitely be a go-to resource for any students at my school who don’t pass the math test the first time around.

I hope you and your class have as much fun with these games as we did!

-Melissa Johnson at Marvel Math

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5.2B, 5.3E, 5.3K, 5.3L, 5.4B, 5.4C, 5.4F, 5.4H, 5.5A, 5.8C, 5.9C