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Growth Mindset Posters


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Having a growth mindset is essential for students! We all need a reminder sometimes that learning comes from the struggle.  When we teach students to push through, we teach them how to succeed.  This set of printable posters is perfect for brightening the walls in your classroom, hallway, cafeteria or any space students spend time.  The growth mindset messages will help you transform student thinking!  Most of the posters are perfect to use all year long, and a few specifically address having a growth mindset during test prep.

This set comes with both color and black and white versions.  The black and white versions can be printed on colored cardstock, but when printed on copy paper they can be great coloring pages for students. These growth mindset coloring pages can be photocopied at 85% to fit in math journals, too!

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2, 3, 4, 5