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Hands-On Strip Diagrams – Multi-Step Multiplication Problems


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This resource is designed to give students hands-on practice building strip diagrams for multi-step word problems. Strip diagrams are a great tool to foster student thinking during problem solving. This resource works great for guided math stations, small group lessons, and tutoring!

What’s Included?

?Detailed Instructions

?Student Instructions that can be used at a Math Station

?32 Multi-Step Problem Solving Task Cards

?Strip Diagram “Building Blocks’

?3 Types of Student Recording Sheets to Differentiate

This set gives students the tangible building blocks they need to learn how to create strip diagrams. There are 4 sets of task cards, with 8 cards in each set included in this resource, making 32 total task cards. Each set helps students learn how to make strip diagrams for a different problem type.

?Sports Store Task Cards– Equal Groups: Multiply, then Add

?Spy Kids Task Cards- Equal Groups: Mulitply, then Subtract

?Shopping Spree- Equal Groups: Mulitply, then Add or Subtract

?Show Me the Money- Multiplicative Comparison: Multiply, then Add

Additional information

Resource Type

Hands On Activities

Grade Level

3, 4

Number of Pages


Common Core

3.OA.A.3, 3.OA.D.8


3.4K, 3.5B, 3.5C