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Check-As-You-Go 2×2 Multiplication Word Problems


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Your students will build confidence and independence with 2-digit x 2-digit Multiplication with these task cards! This resource allows you to have peace of mind that students are practicing multiplication correctly while also supporting students while they are working towards mastery.

There are 20 word problem cards. Each problem also has 3 key cards, labeled Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3, so that students can check their work at each natural checkpoint in the traditional multiplication algorithm.

When students work through an entire problem (or worse yet, an entire page of problems) before being able to check their work, small mistakes compound into big problems. Students can quickly feel defeated when they have to erase all of the work that was done after a mistake early in the problem. Students who practice incorrectly must spend more time unlearning the wrong way to learn the correct way. Practice makes permanent, so let’s make sure students are practicing correctly.

Standards Alignment:


TEKS: 4.4D, 4.4H

What’s Included?

  • 80 Task Cards: 20 Word Problem Cards + 60 Check-As-You-Go Key Cards
  • 5 Student Recording Pages
  • 3 Review Task Cards that walk students through the steps to solve 2×2 multiplication problems with the traditional algorithm

How Can I use this Resource?

  • Post the cards around your room to create a scavenger hunt for students and get them up and moving while they practice this skill.
  • Staple the word problem and 3 corresponding key cards together as a mini-booklet. Make packets of the student recording sheets for each student and put them at a math station with the word problem mini-booklets.

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Task Cards

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4, 5

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4.4D, 4.4H