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Place Value Review – Decimals & Whole Numbers -Print and Digital


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These Place Value Whole and Decimal Number of the Day Review Templates are perfect for morning work, homework, or additional practice! This resource includes both printable and Google Slides versions. These templates practice comparing, rounding, expanded notation, and expanded form for decimals and whole numbers. Select a number or numbers of the day and students do the rest of the work!

The Google Slides Templates include How-to videos showing students how to use the digital templates. I’ve also included a special bonus set of 10 pre-made Google Slides for the Whole Numbers template!

The first template is for whole numbers and covers comparing numbers, rounding numbers, expanded notation, expanded form, word form, and number lines. The second and third templates focus on decimals with digits in the hundredths and tenths places and cover relationships between money and decimals, 3 types of pictorial models, expanded notation, word form, number lines and fraction/decimal equivalents.

There are 3 pages of templates to use to maintain the gains made by students.

?TEKS Alignment?

4.2A – 10 times and one-tenth Place Value Relationships

4.2B – Represent Whole Numbers and Decimals through the hundredths using Expanded Notation and Numerals

4.2C – Compare and Order Whole Numbers

4.2D – Round whole numbers through the hundred thousands place

4.2E – Represent Decimals with models and money

4.2F – Compare and Order Decimals

4.2G – Relate Decimals to Fractions that name tenths and hundredths

4.2H – Decimals on Number Lines

?Common Core Alignment?





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Worksheets, Digital Resources

Grade Level

4, 5

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Common Core

4.NBT.A.1, 4.NBT.A.2, 4.NBT.A.3, 4.NF.C.6


4.2A, 4.2B, 4.2C, 4.2D, 4.2E, 4.2F, 4.2G, 4.2H