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Stem and Leaf Plot Cut & Paste Activity


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Stem and leaf plot worksheets, kicked up a notch! In this hands-on activity, your students will construct 6 stem and leaf plots. The stem-and-leaf plots use a variety of data set types, including whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. This math activity has the perfect combination of rigor and student engagement, to really help your class understand this difficult concept.

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??What’s Included?

  • Two-Digit Stem and Leaf Plot Cut and Paste Activities
  • Decimals and 3 Digit Stem and Leaf Plot Cut and Paste Activities
  • Fractions and 3 Digit Stem and Leaf Plot Cut and Paste Activities
  • Teacher Notes
  • Clear Directions with Images
  • Answer Keys

This activity is perfect for students who can’t extract data from this type of graph. Once they see how the stem is used for each leaf in this cut & paste activity, they get it!!!! You will love to see the light bulb moments happen when they finally grasp this math concept.

? Perfect For:

  • Whole Group Activity
  • Small Group Support
  • Math Labs
  • Partner Work
  • Low Prep Math Station
  • STAAR Review

TEKS alignment: 4.9A, 4.9B, 5.9A, 5.9C

This resource is also part of my 5th Grade TEKS aligned Data & Graphs Bundle:

5th Grade TEKS Grpahs & Data Bundle


?????????? Chanele D. said, “Stem and leaf plots are generally a really hard thing for the kids to understand, but this really helped! The physical act of cutting the numbers and putting them on either side and then picking them back up to rebuild the number REALLY REALLY helped! I have a class of mostly sped students and they all were able to understand the concept.”

??????????Courtney D. said, “My students enjoyed using this resource! It helped to break down what is a stem and leaf plot and allowed students to be able to visually and physically see how to make them.!”

??????????Kayleigh W. said, “This helped my students get hands on with stem and leaf plots. They loved getting to create their own Stem and Leaf plot”


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4.9A, 4.9B, 5.9A, 5.9C