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4th Grade Area, Perimeter, Measurement Conversions Tests – Digital and Print


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Need a 4th Grade STAAR Math Review that students can practice on a computer to practice Perimeter, Area, Measurement Conversions, Elapsed Time, and Relative Size of Units? This resource includes TEKS-aligned printable and digital tests to give students the practice they need.

These tests were created with the new STAAR test questions guidelines in mind, and include new item types such as multi-select, drop down, and free response in addition to multiple choice questions.

Measurement Topics Covered:

  • Perimeter & Area
  • Relative size of Measurement Units
  • Measurement Conversions
  • 1 and 2-Step Word Problems using Measurement Conversions

What’s Included?

  • 2 TEKS aligned Tests (Each Test is 10 questions)
  • Printable versions of each Test
  • Digital, Self-Grading Google Form versions of each Test
  • Color Coded Teacher Keys with TEKS identified for each Question with room to create your small groups for reteach right on the key!

Great ways to use this resource:

  • Unit Tests
  • Easy-to-Assign Digital Activities
  • No Prep Math Stations
  • STAAR Review

The digital versions of the tests can be assigned via Google Classroom or any platform that supports Google Forms. The questions are STAAR formatted and include the NEW Problem Types. The assessments are in 2 formats: printable PDF and digital, self-grading Google Forms.

The assessments are created to give you meaningful feedback on student progress. There are more questions covering the Readiness Standards than the Supporting Standards, as the Readiness Standards are identified as the most critical content for success in subsequent grade levels. Readiness Standards also comprise 2/3 of the STAAR test.

Each set automatically grades itself when students click submit! I have identified the standard for every single problem in this bundle, to make data tracking super simple.

  1. Easily Differentiate by making a separate copy of the Google Form and eliminating questions or answer choices. This is great way to adjust this resource to align with IEPs or the needs of your students.
  2. Create multiple reviews from this resource, splitting up the questions to use in a variety of ways. Please note that the questions are not editable.

You do not need Google Classroom to use the digital form of this resource, but you must have a Google e-mail to use Google Forms.

TEKS Alignment:

4.5D: Solve problems related to perimeter and area of rectangles where dimensions are whole numbers.

4.8A: Identify relative sizes of measurement units within the customary and metric systems.

4.8B: Convert measurements within the same measurement system, customary or metric, from a smaller unit into a larger unit or a larger unit into a smaller unit when given other equivalent measures represented in a table.

4.8C: Solve problems that deal with measurements of length, intervals of time, liquid volumes, mass, and money using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division as appropriate.

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4.5D, 4.8A, 4.8B, 4.8C