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Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers & Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions


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This is the perfect resource to Truly Teach Students how to Divide with Fractions. These engaging activities teach dividing fractions by whole numbers and dividing whole numbers by fractions. The included teacher table mini-lessons will help you show students how to build models to represent division problems, set up equations for word problems, and solve fraction division problems. All of the problems use unit fractions and cover all components of the TEKS 5.3J & 5.3L and CCSS 5.NF.B.7.A, 5.NF.B.7.B, & 5.NF.B.7.C.

This set includes meaningful & engaging activities that can be used for math stations as well!

?The Hands-on Station gives students an opportunity to cut apart models and see how fractions are divided.

?The Math Journal Station gives students a chance to deepen their thinking and gives you a clear picture of student understanding.

?The Math Game Station gives students fun practice.

?The Independent Practice Station includes printables to extend practice beyond the teacher table.

This set is ideal for guided math and would also be absolutely perfect for intervention or tutoring!

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Teaching Units, Worksheets, Hands On Activities

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5.NF.B.7, 5.NF.B.7a, 5.NF.B.7b, 5.NF.B.7c


5.3J, 5.3L