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Elapsed Time Word Problems


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Looking for an engaging resource to teach Elapsed Time? Your students will feel supported while solving these word problems with elapsed time number lines! Every problem has an Elapsed Time Ruler, which are sometimes called elapsed time number lines, for students to use. Elapsed time Word Problems with Clocks are also included so that students get practice reading start and end times.

I have also included 2 sets of elapsed time rulers that can be used with any word problem. Students simply fill in the hours and solve.

There is a detailed answer key that not only shows the answers but one way students could display their jumps on the elapsed time rulers. Use the included key to support students who are working at a math station, so that they can check their work as they go.

What teachers are saying:

????? “My students and I both LOVED using this resource in the classroom! It was both engaging and easy to work with. My favorite way to use this resource was during our center activities. I recommended this to some of my colleagues to purchase also!”

-Krista M.

????? “This is the resource that finally helped my kids visualize how to figure out elapsed time!” -Teresa V.

????? “Love this product. My special education students often struggled with elapsed time and I find the number line is a great resource for them. I love the variety in the product. Thanks!” -Charlotte B.

There are 45 word problems in this resource, with a variety of problem types:

  • Start Time Unknown
  • Elapsed Time Unknown
  • End Time Unknown
  • One Step
  • Multi-step
  • Problems requiring students to read a clock

All of the problems are to the nearest 5 minutes.

I also was very intentional about the times on the clock. Students routinely name the incorrect hour when the minute hand is pointing to 50 or 55 minutes. I have included lots of practice with these tricky times.

I have used this resource many times and have perfected it over time. I have found elapsed time rulers to be the most effective resource for teaching this difficult skill.

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