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Estimating Sums and Differences – Round to Nearest Ten or Hundred


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This resource includes 11 interactive Google Slides and video instructions for students. In this activity, students will Analyze Estimation and practice rounding to the nearest ten or hundred to estimate sums and differences. Students will also find the actual answers to 3-digit addition and subtraction problems and compare the sum or difference to their estimates when they round those numbers to the nearest ten or the nearest hundred.

This resource can be easily assigned in Google Classroom for math stations, independent practice or distance learning. You do not need Google Classroom to use this resource, but you do need a Google e-mail to use Google Slides.

What’s Included?

  • PDF with a Link to make a copy of the Google Slides in your Google Drive
  • Video Instructions (Student devices must be able to access You-Tube)
  • 10 slides that include a total of 30 problems
  • 1 slide for students to analyze and consider the patterns they observed
  • Key

Topics include:

  • Rounding to the nearest ten
  • Rounding to the nearest hundred
  • Adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers
  • Higher Order Thinking: Analyzing Patterns

Ideas on how to use this resource:

  • Use it as a whole class (in person) teaching tool by projecting the slides and using the movable, interactive pieces for a fun whole-class lesson.
  • Use it for whole class Zoom meetings to lead a meaningful lesson.
  • Assign this resource as an activity for student practice in Google Classroom or another platform that is compatible with Google Slides

Additional information

Resource Type

Digital Resources

Grade Level

3, 4

Number of Pages

11 student slides + video instructions

Common Core

3.NBT.A.1, 3.NBT.A.2, 4.NBT.B.4


3.4B, 4.4G