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3rd Grade Area – Bundle – Digital Activities + Video Lessons


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A great 3rd grade area review digital resource to add to your teacher toolbox! This complete 3rd Grade Digital Area Bundle covers all the area topics you need to teach. The fun and engaging lessons cover an Introduction to Area, Area of Rectangles, Area of Irregular Shapes, Relationship Between Arrays and Area, and Area and the Distributive Property.

⭐️When you purchase this bundle you save 30% over buying the individual sets!

The bundle includes 6 meaningful digital resources that begin with a video lesson and are perfect for math stations, review, tutoring, or leading whole class interactive lessons. Students will complete fun and easy-to-use Google Slides™ that are aligned to the TEKS and CCSS.

⭐️This Bundle Is Perfect For:

  • No Prep Math Station
  • STAAR Review
  • Morning Work
  • Early Finishers
  • Easy-to-Assign Distance Learning Activity

⭐️Thoughtfully Designed Lessons in this Bundle Include:

  • Area Lesson 1: Understand the Concept of Area by filling Rectangles with Square Units
  • Area Lesson 2: Find Area by Multiplying the Number of Rows by the number of Unit Squares in Each Row
  • Area Lesson 3: Multiplying Whole Number Side Lengths to find Area
  • Area Lesson 4: Area of Irregular Shapes using Unit Squares
  • Area Lesson 5: Area of Irregular Shapes using Side Lengths
  • Area Lesson 6: Use Area Models to Prove the Distributive Property

Save time today! You no longer need to search for how to teach area ideas, or spend hours at the copier. This NO PREP bundle has everything you need to teach and practice ALL aspects of the 3rd Grade Area standards. These digital activities and lessons were designed with you, and your students in mind! Everyone wins.

⭐️What’s Included?

  • 6 Lessons each with a Video Lesson
  • A total of 71 Interactive Activities
  • Teacher Key in separate Google Slides™ doc that can be assigned to students to check their work at home with their parents
  • PDF with a link to make a copy of the Google Slides™ in your Google Drive
  • Directions on how to assign the Google Slides™ activity to students in Google Classroom™

The Video Lessons:

  • Teach students the new topic covered in the lesson
  • Walk students through the Google Slides activities they will complete
  • Demonstrate any features in Google Slides students will need to use in that lesson
  • Student Devices must have access to You-Tube to view the Video Lesson

Google Slides Interactive Activities Include:

  • Built-in support with many self-checking slides per lesson
  • Engaging movable pieces
  • Application of Learning in Real-World Word Problems
  • Word Problems have optional Step-by-Step support

Many of the slides are self-checking, so students can work through the activity with confidence! You do not need Google Classroom to use this resource, but you must have a Google e-mail to use Google Slides.

Standards Alignment

Lesson 1:

  • CCSS.3.MD.C.5a A square with side length 1 unit, called “a unit square,” is said to have “one square unit” of area, and can be used to measure area.
  • CCSS.3.MD.C.5b A plane figure which can be covered without gaps or overlaps by n unit squares is said to have an area of n square units.
  • TEKS 2.9F Use concrete models of square units to find the area of a rectangle by covering it with no gaps or overlaps, counting to find the total number of square units, and describing the measurement using a number and the unit.

Lesson 2:

  • CCSS.3.MD.C.6 Measure areas by counting unit squares (square cm, square m, square in, square ft, and improvised units).
  • CCSS.3.MD.C.7a Find the area of a rectangle with whole-number side lengths by tiling it, and show that the area is the same as would be found by multiplying the side lengths.
  • TEKS 3.6C Determine the area of rectangles with whole number side lengths in problems using multiplication related to the number of rows times the number of unit squares in each row.

Lesson 3:

  • CCSS.3.MD.C.7b Multiply side lengths to find area of rectangles with whole-number side lengths in the context of solving real world and mathematical problems, and represent whole-number products as rectangular areas in mathematical reasoning.
  • TEKS 4.5D Solve problems related to perimeter and area of rectangles where dimensions are whole numbers

Lesson 4:

  • TEKS 3.6D Decompose composite figures formed by rectangles into non-overlapping rectangles to determine the area of the original figure using the additive property of area.
  • CCSS.3.MD.C.7d Recognize area as additive. Find areas of rectilinear figures by decomposing them into non-overlapping rectangles and adding the areas of the non-overlapping parts, applying this technique to solve real world problems.

Lesson 5:

  • CCSS.3.MD.C.7d Recognize area as additive. Find areas of rectilinear figures by decomposing them into non-overlapping rectangles and adding the areas of the non-overlapping parts, applying this technique to solve real world problems.

Lesson 6:

  • CCSS.3.MD.C.7c Use tiling to show in a concrete case that the area of a rectangle with whole-number side lengths a and b + c is the sum of a × b and a × c. Use area models to represent the distributive property in mathematical reasoning.
  • Supports TEKS 3.4G – covering the Distributive property which is a subskill of this multiplication standard.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Harriet S. said, “I loved using this bundle during our unit on Area!!  All of the slides were super engaging and the instructional video was helpful to my students.  This was great to use for my students because the slides were interactive!  Great resource!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Laura B. said, “I loved all of these slides. You are one of my favorite creators and I’ve bought several bundles from you. This one is just as good as the others. I love the helpful videos. I love the mixture of drag and drop and typing. I love the color coding. I appreciate all the ways to practice. Wonderful product.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jennifer Z. said, “Your resources are amazing!! I love how perfect they are and how the scaffold the learning. My kiddos were engaged and loved how they could check their answers to confirm their learning was on the right track. Thank you!!”


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Digital Resources

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71 students slides + 6 video lessons + keys

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3.MD.C.5, 3.MD.C.5.5b, 3.MD.C.5a, 3.MD.C.7c, 3.MD.C.7d


2.9F, 3.4G, 3.6C, 3.6D, 4.5D