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3rd Grade Place Value Unit Bundle


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You will save tons of time and money with the resources in this Place Value Bundle! Your students will love the FUN and Engaging activities to practice comparing and ordering numbers, expanded form, expanded notation, representing whole numbers on a number line, and explaining place value relationships.

You will love having a buffet of resources to select from that are all TEKS-aligned and on track with the level of rigor your students need to master to be prepared for the STAAR test.

The included resources are designed to work together seamlessly and provide you with plenty of activities to select from for:

  • Whole Class Lessons
  • Guided Small Group Lessons
  • Math Stations
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Tutoring
  • STAAR Review

What Digital Resources are Included?

These resources are excellent to teach lessons in-person or via Zoom or to assign for distance learning.

The following sets of Interactive Google Slides with Movable Pieces are Included. Each set has 10-15 slides with problems or activities.

  • Represent Numbers with Base-10 Blocks
  • Represent Numbers with Expanded Form
  • Represent Numbers with Expanded Notation
  • Compare and Order Numbers to 100,000
  • Round to the Nearest Ten
  • Round to the Nearest Hundred
  • Round to the Nearest Thousand
  • Round to the Nearest Ten Thousand

The following Interactive, Self-checking Google Slides Games are included. They are great to play as an entire class for practice or review, to use at a digital math station or to assign for distance learning.

  • Expanded Form and Expanded Notation “Bug Game”
  • Ten Times Place Value Relationships “Baking Game”
  • Rounding Numbers “Breakfast Game”
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers “Butterfly Game”

The following resources are Self-Grading Google Forms.

  • Digital Review Task Cards
  • Place Value Assessment #1
  • Place Value Assessment #2

A Digital Version of the Place Value Vocabulary Bunting is also included in Google Slides.

What Printable Resources are Included?

  • Student Notebook Pages
  • Printables
  • No Prep Math Journal Prompts
  • Exit Slips
  • Printable Review Task Cards
  • Place Value Assessment #1
  • Place Value Assessment #2
  • Vocabulary Bunting for your Math Word Wall

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